Can Creativity Change the World?

Moleskine believes that creativity can change the world. Human creativity is the ultimate renewable resource that we can all draw on to move society towards sustainability.

Committed to driving positive change: Moleskine supports the Moleskine Foundation and its programs to promote access to creative skills development. Because access to creativity and quality education is key to producing positive change in society and driving our collective future.

A Moleskine never ends
"Every Moleskine notebook is a book yet to be written."
Maria Sebregondi, Moleskine co-founder and president of Moleskine Foundation.
Moleskine notebooks are kept and treasured, not discarded after use. They are collected over time, our most precious stories imprinted on their ivory-colored pages.
That said, Moleskine’s circular economy strategy means unsellable items are recycled or repurposed. They are repurposed into creative tools donated to charitable organizations or recycled into new materials. In 2022, we donated about 25k products and recycled about 70 tons.
If you ever have to separate yourself from your beloved notebooks, be sure to remove the cover from the pages for recycling to continue this circular process.

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