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Looking for a notebook that fits your lifestyle? The Large size is Moleskine's most versatile, offering a balance of space and portability that's hard to beat. Moleskine Pocket notebooks are easy to carry with you, while Extra Large notebooks offer more room for when inspiration strikes.

Smart Writing Notebook + Pen Set

Smart Writing Notebook + Pen Set

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Merging the analogue feel of traditional handwriting with the infinite possibilities of the digital world, Moleskine's Smart Writing Set makes it easy to express yourself in whole new ways. Including a redesigned Moleskine Smart Pen and Smart Notebook, the Smart Writing Set uses Ncode technology to create instant digital copies of every page. That technological twist makes it a breeze to sketch out your ideas by hand, which feels more natural and intuitive than a digital interface, then duplicate, share, tweak and edit your thoughts however you see fit.

Despite sporting some of the most cutting-edge technology available, both the Smart Notebook and Smart Pen preserve the classic Moleskine elements that have made the brand such a global icon. Alongside options to instantly email your notebook page, you'll find the core essentials of a Moleskine on display, like the In Case of Loss notice that has become a sort of trademark for the brand, as well as the rounded corners, elastic closure and ribbon bookmark that you've come to expect from a Moleskine notebook.

Requires the Moleskine Notes app.


  • Smart writing set
  • INCLUDES: Moleskine Smart Pen; Moleskine Smart Notebook; magnetic USB charger to recharge pen; 1x pen tip ink refill
  • PAGE LAYOUT: Ruled
  • PAGES: 176
  • FEATURES: ivory-colored, 100 g/m², acid-free paper; 'In case of loss' printed on the flyleaf; expandable inner pocket in the back; lies flat, opens at 180°; paper made from well-managed, FSC® -certified forests and other controlled sources
  • SOURCE: Designed in Italy

Smart. The Moleskine that works like a computer.

Nothing compares to this new system, completely reinvented in 2022


Send emails or share ideas right away from paper in your own handwriting


Convert handwritten notes into digital text and edit, colour and highlight them.

Record Audio

Record Audio in sync with the page you are writing on. Play it back whenever you want to enrich lessons, meetings, conferences, and even memories. 

Auto Backup

Get an instant backup from paper to digital and bring all your smart Moleskines with you at once. Browse and search all your Smart Notebooks from any device. 

Create Offline

Free yourself from Wi-Fi. When offline, use your Smart like a normal notebook: the Smart Pen will automatically upload your notes to the app as soon as you’re back online. 


Search by keywords or tag your notes and sort them bu topic from all your Smart Moleskines. Ideas don’t occur in an organised way: Smart will get the in line for you. 

Smart Writing FAQs

What can I do with the Smart Writing Set?

Moleskine Notes helps you turn inspiration on paper into ideas on screen. You can: - Digitize handwriting and sketches from your Smart Notebook - Modify notes and drawings with powerful editing tools - Transcribe your handwritten notes into digital font - Export your drawings in vector formats - Search within all your notes and events - Share notes and sketches with others or upload to cloud storage Simply start writing in your Smart Notebook with your Smart Pen to create an instant digital copy of each notebook page in the Notes App.

How does the Smart Writing Set work?

The Smart Writing Set uses Ncode technology integrated into the pen and the notebook pages to copy every mark you make on your notebook page into the Moleskine Notes app via Bluetooth.

What does the Smart Writing Set include?

The Smart Writing Set includes a Moleskine Smart Pen, Moleskine Large Smart Notebook, a magnetic USB charger to recharge the Smart Pen, and 1 pen tip ink refill

Where can I download the Moleskine Notes app?

You can download the Moleskine Notes app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Please check that your device is compatible with the Notes app before purchasing the Smart Writing Set.

Can I use other pens or notebooks with the Smart Writing Set?

The Smart Pen and Smart Notebook work together to map your writing and drawing so that it can be transferred to the app – without both working together, the technology can't function.

How do I set up my Smart Writing Set?

Start by ensuring your pen is fully charged (allow 2 hours for a full charge). Once that has a full battery, turn it on via the button on the pen body, and open the Moleskine Notes app on your device. The Notes app will help pair your pen with your device so that you can start writing and drawing.

Can I use other Moleskine Smart Writing products with this set?

Because the technology in the Smart Writing Set is radically different from previous generations, only the current Smart Notebooks and Pens can be used together.